Do you have matches? It's dark in here. Ambro! Shine your light!

On the road

At the end of June, I packed up all my stuff, put it in storage and I left. I’m not on vacation. I’m am working and writing and doing all my stuff while traveling. It is not a Soul searching kind of thing. I am not lost trying to discover who I am. I’m very clear on who I am, what I want and what I care for. It’s something […]

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Just what’s going on

I thought a lot about doing a post over here about what’s going on with me. I didn’t feel the impulse to write and I didn’t just want to write two lines and sign off for weeks. So we found a tumor in my right breast and they removed it on¬†April 18th. Actually, they removed the whole breast; a complete mastectomy, with lymph nodes. Tomorrow, I will meet with the […]

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Listen to the rhythm of your life

First, let me wish you a luminous 2017. As we enter this new year, I wish to get to know you all better, share ideas, become partners in making life an amazing event everyday! I love you all! I just read my last post, written 4 months ago. I was so enthusiastic, ready and keen to move forward finally. … And then I had an accident. … I fell off […]

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When it’s time, it’s time

I am the kind of person that needs to have everything handled before I move. I’m getting ready to be ready. To the point that when I’m finally ready, I’m too exhausted with stress that I don’t really enjoy the thing I got ready for. I tried something different this time. I announced the release of my second book in french for December. In my ideal world, I’m not quite […]

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The Fire Within

I don’t think I ever talked to you about this course I’m taking. It’s a ten month-long course, with 5 intensive weekends and practice work in between weekends. It’s called the Wisdom Unlimited Course and it is fabulous. It’s my second time in the course — I did it in 2008 and created amazing results in my life. This time I registered with only one question in mind: What’s next? […]

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Waking up

I won’t be too long on the “in the last two years I just slept”. Only to establish context. So in the past two years I couldn’t even picture being where I am today. I am rediscovering the depth of my own heart, the bubbly nature of my mind and the light of my soul. And it triggers the desire to share, to expand, to help and contribute. Feels like […]

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