F for FRENCH kiss

je taimeHow about rambling on kisses and love for this quiet saturday night alone.

I heard somewhere that FRENCH was the language of love. L’AMOUR!!!!

Funny because I always thought it was italian. Speak to me in italian and I just melt. My brain does this funny thing that makes me look like a hopeless teenager… very cute!

Anyway… my first language is FRENCH. (Yes i have a blog in french too…) I prefer to write in english. It has something to do with the inner censor. I can write pretty dark stuff in english. In french, I think people will think that …. whatever they think about me.

On FRENCH kiss…. I love to kiss. I haven’t done that in a while. I discovered something about love and kissing. I was never in love before I kissed that man (yes this ONE!) and my heart just caught up on fire. (Usually it happens somewhere in the belly). Imagine 20 yrs of liking guys, but never in love!!?

So since the guy is not there anymore and I didn’t fall in love again, no kissing. But speak to me in italian and maybe…. maybe.

With great respect and love!


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