I is for it can all be transformed in an INSTANT

shiva blissMany times in the past my life was transformed in an INSTANT. Actually, I came to believe that only bad things could happen and change my life forever.

The realization that I could choose my state of being under any circumstances gave me a lot of freedom. I could choose to hide under my blanket and cry waiting for it to pass OR I could choose to be with the fear, the tears and the hurt and stand strong in the face of it all.

And this other realization that I can choose to say how I want it to go and take on the actions to get it, opened up a new future. I could stop being the poor girl who got pregnant at 15 with this dark future ahead and become a vibrant and passionate woman, with education and dreams. I get to say who I am.

All can be transformed in an INSTANT.

With great respect and love!