Do you have matches? It's dark in here. Ambro! Shine your light!

U as in Under the veil

Mind caught up in the web of illusions
I walk the path blind
Hidden under this invisible veil
Of resignation
A truth

Chained on the walls of painful memories
I run backwards
From a past
Not forgotten
Hidden under this powerful veil
Of lust
A lie

With just a glimpse of eternal light
I quenched my thirst
Where the truth lies
Uncovering the blinds
Remembering the love
Never hidden
Under the non existant veil


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  1. I’m a lover of poetry, though I could never write it. As such I admire it even more. Really liked the last couple of lines. Well, all of it, but those just speak to me.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes


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