X is for XANADU

The fever got the best of me this week-end. X is late and Y will come… I think.


X is for XANADU. Haven’t you noticed that I live in another era? I am hooked on all those things that make the 38-42 years old get into a trance as soon as they hear it. I am culturally unfit to live in the 21st century. Not that I don’t like stuff that came out in the past 10 years, but come on, I am born in the 70s! The only thing that I will despise forever is the 80s fashion. Leggings…. it’s an epic fail fashion statement. And women still wear that today. That I can’t understand.


XANADU. I think I had a crush on Olivia Newton-John (which I doubt because I don’t like blondes). It must have been the hair – the Farrah Fawcett’s hair style. The forever unforgettable memory of that movie is the roller-skates. Yes, with the 4 wheels – those one you wonder when you look at them now, how in hell you managed to dance like that with that in your feet. Hair, dancing and songs must have been the recipe for success in the 80s. But this movie was not a success… except that today you can look at it, laugh, sing your heart and soul and feel good.

XANADU where all your dreams come true.

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I have been to many places searching for myself. But the greatest journey of all is the one I started within myself. There lies the most beautiful light, music and colours one can expect.


Welcome within, with great respect and love! A.

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