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The Legend unfolds – multiple writers, one goal

I love to read and I love to write. I discovered also that I love to write with other people. You can all remember The Baker’s Dozen that went on during spring/summer. There is not only the fun of challenging oneself, there is also the creative push it triggers. It needs work to forward the action, give a few openings to the next writer and maintain the general intention of the story; built characters and so on.

A collaborative story is a catalyst for all the fears a writer may experience in his creative process. Ok I’m not talking about all the writers. Many of us won’t even take on the challenge to have our story messed-up by someone else. I’m kidding! And I’m not. It takes a great deal of detachment and humility to do it. Of course, it doesn’t take away the enthusiasm and the admiration for our partners in the adventure.

So, my turn is coming up soon and I can feel the shadow of anxiety lurking in the back of my mind.

Between chapter 1 and 3, I was just thrilled! Between chapter 4 and 9, I laughed and was amazed by the twisted minds of my (yes they’re mine) fellow partners.

Now… I want to know what Tim’s revenge is. And I just became aware that, since I am in the last three writers, I might have to be the one that will bring it to completion, or bring it a bit further for those after me. Imagine if I just mess the whole thing!

Until then, I am enjoying the read : The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham 

With great respect!


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