The Fantastic Fifteen Writers and The Magill Review

The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham

Ok now. If you haven’t read the story yet (I’ve talked about it numerous times in the pas few weeks), NOW is the time.


Still one AMAZING writer before my turn.

At first I really thought it was funny to be part of the fantastic Fifteens, but now I am getting scared!! You know when you feel that expectations are too high? Usually I pretty much deal with that with some ease. I just want to scream and flee or disappear into thin air. Isn’t that suppose to happen sometimes in life? disappear into thin air. Like when this cute guy asks you on a date.  Not a good example, on don’t get asks on dates. Anyway, it should happen!

Right now, I just can’t stop laughing and laughing at myself. Either I will rise to the challenge or fail miserably. And I would have given my whole heart in each case.

Thank you Josh Magill for creating this community. I am having so much fun in the roller-coaster of emotions!

Let’s breath together and enjoy the story while it’s still a chef-d’oeuvre!  😉

With great respect! A.