Preparing for #NaNoWriMo

Yes, I’m in again this year!

Last year, one of my daughter participated with me. She’s in again. Yeah!

And this year, my other daughter is doing it too! Yeah!

Right now, I’m in over my head with work, to the point that I don’t even remember when I eat or sleep. Not good… But, I took an hour to wander in a craft store and drool over some note books. I finally took a simple spiral one, because it’s easier to manage than the other fancy ones.

A few colored post-it. Don’t know what I’ll do with them but it’s always handy. Next step find a bunch of cool pens.

I do most of my writing on the computer. But I found that creating an outward inner dialogue works for me. I put on papers my questions about characters, plot, events, etc. and I let the answers come up. Sometimes I have to wait for a few days before I get any answer, but putting the questions “out there” makes room for other stuff in my mind.

This year I will go for short stories. I want to explore deeper the horror genre and I have many ideas. So I’ll explore them all.

I haven’t set a title yet but I put The Artist Corpse as a working title. I don’t even know if that makes sense…

Let me know if you participate this year!

With great respect!