Being a leader

I overheard the other day someone saying that it’s lonely at the top. He was talking about Mandela. Like if no one could really understand a leader.

I think there is no need to understand a leader. There is just to get in your core their profound commitment to the community. A commitment that mirrors our own.

It’s not everybody that will transcend their individuality to be of service to community. And it’s, most of the time, paired with self-doubt, doubting the next course of action. A leader listens for what is needed and surrounds himself with other leaders. Actually, other leaders come forth and rise around such a leader.

I reflect a lot around that question of leadership. In my surroundings, if you have some kind of title or you are a spoke person you are a leader. And there are those people who just blow your mind. Their way of being are just transcendent.

If you have been around my blog for a while you may have notice that I give a lot of importance to “Being”.

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I may come back on that topic again after I’ve ponder a bit more. If you have any insights about that, you are welcome.

With great respect!


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