B for Belinda

Who is Belinda?

A few years ago, during NaNoWriMo, I started to write a story based on a tale my dad used to tell me when I was young. A tale filled with mythic monsters, a sea-goddess, an up coming doom’s day, a curse, a sacrifice and so on. It seems like my father had put everything in only one story. Well, he told other epic stories, that I may want to put in writing one day. I guess coming from a culture and born in a time where TV didn’t exist, you could become a great storyteller in your town.

The working title is : Mysterious ways. I already posted a few excerpts in here: And then it started to make sense and Excerpt – Mysterious ways where we meet Belinda.

Belinda is that girl who will always get what she wants using any means possible to get it. She knows how to use potions and creams to enhance emotions in other people. All she wants, is to be powerful and goddess-like. Still a bit naïve, she will be the perfect puppet for a demanding sea-goddess with a vengeance.

I love to write characters that are edgy; not clear if they are good or bad; driven by emotions. Belinda, is this flamboyant red-hair girl, wearing silk, velvet and leather. I have gathered a few images with different emotions that I use for inspiration.

With great respect!




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