D is for Dragon

Like many others I just drool over Daenerys Targaryen (The mother of dragons in Game of Thrones) when she appears with her dragons.

I want a dragon and I know they exists. Just like faeries.

Maybe it’s because of all the movies where it looked so cool to mount a dragon, fly up in the sky and burn villages where you enemies hide. Now, let’s remember that above a certain altitude it’s freaking cold up there, but with a dragon you would be warm because, you know, they are hot! 😉

The letter D today is a tribute to all the dragons that we forced to hide in an another dimension of magic, because we are so realistic…

With great respect!


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I have been to many places searching for myself. But the greatest journey of all is the one I started within myself. There lies the most beautiful light, music and colours one can expect.


Welcome within, with great respect and love! A.

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    • Aside from the wyvern or scandinavian lindworms of the legends, I am very fond of the Naga (Hinduism) which is more serpent-like, like the Quetzalcoatl. But there again it’s a serpent… finally I prefer snakes. 😛


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