E is for Elephant

I am an animal lover. Animal loves me. Cats follow me on the street and dogs become very quiet. I think they just know.  I speak cat, but I won’t go into that…

I like to think that animals communicate powerful messages to us. Many times in my life a strange phenomenon occurred around animals. For a few days, I will “hear” about an animal or stumble upon images of the same animals or someone will talk to me about that same animal. I noticed it because it all happens on a short period of time. I do a small research on their spiritual meaning and it has always given me a useful insight about a situation or a question.

Elephants have been the most present in my life, mainly in my early twenties. I would find objects in the streets in the shape of elephants…

What does Elephant represent? Strength Patience Ancient Wisdom

“You are protective toward those you love and you are respectful and patient with others.

You are confident, strong and wise. You are a leader and a very good counselor.

You are trustworthy and kind.” — Lily-Therese

ganesh Aside from the message I can get for myself, there is also the characteristic of the animal. Elephants have a huge memory. They can remember some mischief you did to them 20 years ago. They are also very loyal to their master when they are domesticated. Like whales, they are very ancient beings.

In India there is the elephant god, Ganesha — the remover of obstacle. You can guess that I was thrilled when I found it. If I was a god worshipper, I would definitely choose this one.

I get sad when I hear that an animal is extinct. It is indeed very sad. Such wisdom that we lose. It creates imbalance… Another day, I’ll rant about over exploitation of natural resources.

With great respect and love!