O is for Overwhelmed

I suppose that my A to Z challenge is painted by my inner feelings. I wasn’t planning on talking about emotions. I think that most of them, I should live them in private. Most of the time I don’t have words to describe how I’m feeling… Right now, I need to put words where there are none. As a way to have the world around and inside me make sense.

So today it is Overwhelmed. I rarely use that word. When things are going fast or there is a lot going on, I rearrange the schedule and I talk to people to let them know what’s going on. I was not reliable on this one for the past months…

I feel overwhelmed by emotions, by people, by life and death.

So I stop.

And I let the feeling take over. Just for a moment. Just to give it space and let it dissolve.

No argument with reality. This is how I feel.

As I acknowledge it, I feel less pressure. My heart and mind get to rest.

And I can breathe again…

With great respect!