W is for Whangam

What is a Whangam? I should do some kind of a giveaway for the first person who gets the answer. But no luck, I only have love to give, no goodies, so, I’ll tell you right away. (And the picture… It’s the Chester cat’s smile. 🙂 )

Whangam is an imaginary creature or animal. It’s like a generic term for it. So you won’t find a whangam at every corner store. You have to invent it.

Like many other writers, when I think of imaginary animals or creature in my stories I go for the obvious: dragons, phoenix, sirens and other creepers, crawlers that we already saw plenty of times in so many books.

During the A to Z, I discovered this very creative author who created/invented a tons (at least 26) of weird, lovely and unheard of creatures. SD Neeve an author of MG/YA  fiction. Go check her out. Very fun AtoZer. I smiled more than once browsing on her blog.

I remember as a kid, I was attracted to stuffed animals that didn’t looked like real animals. I would go for the purple or blue cat with wings. For my kids I got a muppet unicorn who read bedtime stories. One of my girls (she’s now 22) still swears that unicorns exist…

I love that we can have imaginary friends or imaginary creature to help keep us sane (!!!) A little magic is always good for the soul.

With great respect!


It’s the last few days of the A to Z challenge.
I really wish for you to come back after. I am open to collaboration, conversation, sharing.