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X is for Ex

Ok I played a bit on the sound of the letter. But, you know, it’s a game we play.  You’ll see where I’m going. 😉

So what about EX’s? Actually, nothing. I don’t have Ex’s. No ex-boyfriends. I have friends.

Ok that sounded wrong somehow…

What I mean is I try to avoid the term Ex when I talk about past relationships. It’s done. It’s complete. Now we are friends. It is irrelevant to say that, he is my ex, mainly when I introduce them to one of my lady friend (I don’t do that, really!)

I suppose I can be that light-hearted about it because there is no grudge or resentment between me and my former boyfriends.

I don’t need to put an X on them and keep reminding myself and others that we where “together”.

No ex. No X on a part of my life that I created, I lived, learned from and completed.

With great respect and love!


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2 replies

  1. I like your philosophy on past relationships. I agree with you that it is a kind of useless label and I would like to adopt your philosophy on the term ‘Ex’.
    Shawn from Laughing at Life 2


    • We are so funny sometimes. We cling to pieces of our past like if we were going to dispear and at the same time we sware out loud that we are over the past and we are moving forward, etc., etc,.

      Thank you for your visit! With great respect! A.


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