X is for Ex

Ok I played a bit on the sound of the letter. But, you know, it’s a game we play.  You’ll see where I’m going. 😉

So what about EX’s? Actually, nothing. I don’t have Ex’s. No ex-boyfriends. I have friends.

Ok that sounded wrong somehow…

What I mean is I try to avoid the term Ex when I talk about past relationships. It’s done. It’s complete. Now we are friends. It is irrelevant to say that, he is my ex, mainly when I introduce them to one of my lady friend (I don’t do that, really!)

I suppose I can be that light-hearted about it because there is no grudge or resentment between me and my former boyfriends.

I don’t need to put an X on them and keep reminding myself and others that we where “together”.

No ex. No X on a part of my life that I created, I lived, learned from and completed.

With great respect and love!