Y is for Yoga

I have been a meditator for quite some time now. 22 years. With the ups and downs that comes with it. Re-evaluating my commitment more often than never. With the emotional earthquake of the past 4 months and a half, I am grateful for the practice.

I don’t meditate to “attain” something. Meditating is the goal. Sitting there everyday or so, challenging or not is the accomplishment.

22 years ago, the simple word yoga was striking fear in people’s mind. You could see the picture forming in their mind of me shaving my hair and getting dressed in orange tunics. Never happened, orange is not my colour. 😛

Now everybody drags their little yoga mat everywhere and people are discovering the different kinds of yoga. I’ve seen many people come and go through the years and I truly hope they found what would quiet their heart and give them peace of mind.

I stick to my plan (kicking and screaming sometimes) and now I see that it’s in periods of needs that yoga is there for me, with ease and comfort.

I could say the same about writing. What ever happens, sit and write. What ever is going on, sit and meditate.

With great respect!