Z is for Ziraleet

It seems that this word is untranslatable.

It is an expression of joy by a group of women in Aleppo, consisting of the words “Lillé, lillé, lillé” repeated as often as possible in one breath.

Also used figuratively for any expression of joy.

I am joyful! My main intention in participating in the A to Z challenge was to push myself back at the writing desk. I had stop writing since my father died. Sometimes I sat there with no words at all or with words I had to extract with a surgical instrument for dentistry (ouch!). It was painful, I was fearful and the joy of writing was gone.

I hadn’t expect that a week  into the challenge I would have to face another tremendous loss. My mother.  After a small set back, there was definitely a change of tone during the challenge. I pushed through and it’s day zero and I’m still standing. Mission accomplish.

Today I felt the urge. The need and desire to write for hours. The whispers have come back. I can’t wait for a moment to just put words everywhere.

With great respect!



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