Riding the carousel of life

I went to London this week-end. Yes only for a few days.

I’ve been trying a new thing lately. Say YES to unreasonable thing, like, going to one of the most freaking expensive city in the world for 4 days and enjoy every minute of it.

This is me before I rode the carousel. I haven’t done that in years. The last time, my parents we’re still together (they separated when I was 8 years old).

When I saw it, my whole body shivered. The memories where just so vivid. Riding the carousel was such an incredible experience when I was a kid and I could feel that same feeling of ecstasy within reach.

It was magnificent, amazing and profoundly delicious for my soul.

This year may have been a unenjoyable ride, but this simple moment made me reconnect with the ecstatic being I always where, I am and will always be.

With great respect and love!



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