Writing with your blood #Nanowrimo

That’s how it feels.

2 weeks ago I’ve given up winning Nanowrimo.

And for a reason I ignore, this week-end I decided that I would win.

So I wrote close to 30K words in 2 days.

The last 3 hours it fell like using my blood to write every word.

I don’t need to be that intense in my life. This year have been the worst year of my life. Intensely emotional. I’m not used to that. Nanowrimo couldn’t be different. I had to be intense about it. Intense about something else then my parents death.

December is there again with the memory of the call telling me that my dad died. I just can’t stand being in my body right now.

So I write like my life depends on it. And in a way it’s true. For me. For my heart.

Thank you for playing. Thank you for the love, the cheers. Thank you.

With great respect and love!