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G – Gratitude

A to Z blog challenge : day 7
Theme : On the spiritual path
Word of the day : gratitude

You may remember this book Simple abundance: A day book of comfort and joy, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I read that when I was in my early twenties. I don’t remember much about it, except this seemingly easy practice of the Gratitude journal.

The practice is easy: at the end of the day, every day you write down 5 things for which you feel gratitude. I started with great enthusiasm. One day, two days, a week, a month and then I was just making a list.

When I’m happy I feel this tremendous emotion of gratefulness for everyone and everything. I’m grateful for my kids, their health, my health, the food on the table, the roof on our heads and all the loving people in my life. After a few days of that, I started to list all the beauties in the world: the wind in my hair, the birds singing, etc.

And then, I was just making a list.

Of course, what was bound to happen, happened. I stopped making the list. I couldn’t find the same joy anymore in doing it. So what was the point?

The point with any practice is to stick to it, even when it feels dry and pointless.

The practice of the gratitude journal reveals a gift of profound connection with everyone, everything and every situation in ours lives. After a moment you start to see things that you’ve never seen before. The world shows itself with renewed colors; creativity starts to flow and a new sense of abundance arises.

I don’t do a day-to-day practice anymore. Mainly a weekly one, and I look for all the surprises hidden in challenging situations or relationships.  Suddenly, I get a new view of it and most of the time a new solution.

The way we express gratitude is very personal. Some people will go great length to show their appreciation. Others will be very discreet. We must never wait for others to thank us. It will come in its due time, in ways we won’t expect.

Keeping alive the fire of gratitude in our heart paves a flowery road on the spiritual path.

Practice with enthusiasm.

With great respect!


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  1. I love the idea of keeping a gratitude list, and I think this is one practice we should all incorporate into our weekly schedule, at least. Thanks for the great idea.

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  2. Wonderful….G…..
    Did you catch up…we’re on W today.

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