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A bump on the road…

It’s seems to me that there are more bumps on the roads in this past year than in my entire life… It is not true, it only seems like it.

I started April with a new sense of clarity after the foggy winter.

I pushed too hard. After a week, I was back in the cave. There was still tears to cry…

I don’t know when that will end. All the energy I have, I take it to build my inner strength. Resting, taking care of the everyday house stuff and that is pretty much what I can manage…

To complete on the April A to Z blogging challenge. I am sorry everyone, I couldn’t make it happen. I still have all my notes and ideas, and I will surely use them for upcoming posts.

About writing. I am coming back to it slowly.

My heart is with you, always!

With great respect and love!


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  1. Love your blog!
    I have just written something on a similar theme. Check it out!

    Cheers – Jack

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