A – A love story with notebooks

A to Z blog challenge: day 1
Theme: Notebooks

In the past years I gave myself the freedom to talk about anything during the challenge. No theme and just inspiration as the days come and go. This year I have a subject. Let’s rejoice! You will know if you want to come and visit or not or come back again. All pictures, throughout the month will be of actual notebooks in my collection.

Why notebooks?

Because I have tons of them. I met a few writers in the past few months and believe it or not we have entire conversations about notebooks and the mischievous things we do with them. Some brands are despised and others are adored on the altar of creativity with fierce love and jealousy.

In my case, I would save the notebooks before any other items of value if my house was on fire. All the words, the thoughts, the questions, the ideas, the poems that are written in them are parts of my DNA.

When I go into a bookstore or a library, in less than a minute you will find me touching (caressing) and sniffing notebooks with wonder and amazement(probably a “get-her-in-an-asylum” kind of look). I have yet to find the one that would be perfect, more perfect than any of the hundred ones that I already have or that one that I don’t have already.

“I don’t have one like this!” I would say with pleading eyes to anyone stating the fact that I have too much notebooks.

Friends don’t just bother anymore thinking of gifts for my birthday, I get notebooks and/or pens (oh! Pens! That is a complete other story.)

I tell you the secret of the perfect notebook: the muse is hidden in things that open up your mind, allowing space for the ideas to flourish. Don’t look at the notebooks like a simple tool, it has power. It is alchemy between the writer and the pages. Now with all our electronic tools we forget that ideas need fire to flourish. That fire reside in the notebook, when our fingers ache from writing too fast, when our minds are burning with the fear of not writing fast enough.

Tomorrow: Beware of the impracticable notebook

With great respect!