B – Beware of the impracticable notebook

A to Z blog challenge: day 2
Theme: Notebooks

The image sells it right away. You should beware of any notebook that makes it difficult in the middle to write all the way down perfectly.

I remember when I was a teenager, I would rip pages appart because my handwriting was shitty. The notebooks that have this bumps at the beginning of the line made it hard for the insane perfectionist in me. I was not even concerned about the story at all, just that my handwriting made me look bad…

I remember buying notebooks and leaving them empty because I didn’t want to ruin them.

So, now you know, get notebooks that have a binding that makes it easy to keep it flat, so your handwriting won’t need to “adjust” to the page.

At one point I’ll share about spiral notebooks, stay tuned.

On Monday: C – Collage (what does that have to do with notebooks?)

With great respect!