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D – Drawing your soul in notebooks

A to Z challenge day 4
Theme: Notebooks

Like I mentioned yesterday in my post C – Collages, younger I wanted to become an artist. I painted and draw a lot. I would spend the evening writing and half the night drawing.

I stopped about 20 years ago. I didn’t notice it at first. The kids, the work. I almost had not enough time to write, let alone drawing. Every time I moved, I found in my stuff some of my paintings and remembered, but nothing happened. It just stopped and I never went back.

I kept buying drawing books, that I leave empty, for “some day”. Like a friend that have left, that you try to keep close.

I don’t know how to draw anymore… I received a gift of charcoals and pencils at the beginning of the year. Everyday I have opened the box. Everyday I have sat in front of the white page, not daring to dirty it with my lack of skills. I draw lines and circles; a child’s eagerness to express and manifest on paper the world he feels with his senses.

Art is for the child, dreaming, feeling and listening in everyone’s heart.

Tomorrow : E – Empty notebooks (does she ever writes?)

With great respect!

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