Do you have matches? It's dark in here. Ambro! Shine your light!

Always the first letter

I lay lifeless on a blank page
Thirsty for ink, craving words

The first letter hit me quietly
Punching a hole in my resignation

A soft feather with pearls of ink
Soaking slowly the dry leather of my cover

The first word slides tenderly
On snow skin, cold still from the prolonged coma

Words after words ignite the sleeping volcano
Offering my skin to your feverish poetry

From far away your lips a vivid dream
Creates fiery furrows where words flow freely

Hallucinating poetry, swirls of delirium
Many mouths speaking in tongues
I melt on the page darkened with ink


Napowrimo day 11

Categories: A to Z Blogging Challenge, NaPoWriMo 2016, Poetry

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