Q – Question it in notebooks

When I find a new character I do an interview with them. Asking for their intentions, beliefs and desires. Then, when I built the story around them, I question their motives.

I use coloured pens. 🙂

Doing that allows me to find new ideas and get clear on the plot has I go along.

I do that in writing because it allows for the mind to not be stuck in the page. I can draw some arrows, turn the book upside down, write in the margin, which I can’t do on the computer.

I always put myself in the position of the journalist interviewing someone for a story. Someone is telling me their story and I question it, looking for pearls of wisdom and anything that would open a door to a new space within that person.

In all the reasons I use notebooks for, this one is the most helpful one. Ask questions.

With great respect!