Back to first loves

Growing up I had many interests, but writing and drawing were the most fulfilling. In my twenties, having to raise my kids, work and stuff, I chose to keep up with the writing. Drawing was lost but never forgotten.

For about 20 years I kept buying brushes, canvas, pencils, pens and paint, thinking that I would start again.

It’s happening. My designer daughter challenged me to a month of drawing starting today.

So here it is Day 1: self-portrait

drawing1 challenge

I am beyond thrilled. The lack of practice is a minor obstacle. I am having soooooo much fun, that the naivety of the drawing is charming for my soul.

With great respect!

Drawing Life

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I have been to many places searching for myself. But the greatest journey of all is the one I started within myself. There lies the most beautiful light, music and colours one can expect.

Welcome within, with great respect and love! A.

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