Just what’s going on

I thought a lot about doing a post over here about what’s going on with me. I didn’t feel the impulse to write and I didn’t just want to write two lines and sign off for weeks.

So we found a tumor in my right breast and they removed it on April 18th. Actually, they removed the whole breast; a complete mastectomy, with lymph nodes. Tomorrow, I will meet with the surgeon and we will agree on what’s next.

I thank you in advance for your best wishes. I am recovering very well.

There was a lot of emotions that rose up before the surgery. All emotions and feelings had been cleared out of the way. I walked into the operation room totally clear and light.

I came out of the operation room, clear and free.

Now I am dealing with new sensations in my body. I’ll probably share more about this in the future.

I will stop here for now. I just wanted to touch base, and not leave my blog unattended for too long.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram, where I share parts of my healing journey in images. @Ambrozya

Regarding this, a few projects will launch in the next few weeks. A book and more. Stay tune.

With great respect and love!