Do you have matches? It's dark in here. Ambro! Shine your light!

On the road

At the end of June, I packed up all my stuff, put it in storage and I left. I’m not on vacation. I’m am working and writing and doing all my stuff while traveling.

It is not a Soul searching kind of thing. I am not lost trying to discover who I am. I’m very clear on who I am, what I want and what I care for.

It’s something else regarding inner alignment. My life does not show the transformation and movements that have happened inside me in the past year.

I need to break through an inner barrier of fear that keeps me from expanding in the next part of my life. You know… my kids are grown-up.

So I  cut the cord and left home.

My first stop is this magnificent place in the Province of Québec called Tadoussac.

I saw a complete rainbow when I went on a boat trip this weekend. Is it a sign? (You can see it on the photo)


I am not looking for a sign. I’m simply happy to be here.

I will share more about my “voyage” that should last about 5-6 months before I go back to Montreal. I feel like journaling and connecting with people.

May we connect again.

With great respect!




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  1. Come and stay in Buffalo? We could work
    Out the dates


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