About Ambrozya

In Greek mythology, AMBROSIA is a substance made of honey, with a delicious taste and perfume served as food to the gods of Olympus, and providing immortality to those who eat it.

I’ve always been very fond of Greek mythology so when I started playing World of Warcraft (WOW) in 2005, the first character I created was AMBROZYA, as a reference to immortality. A character in a video game is what if not immortal? You die and resurrect over and over again.

So Ambrozya was a Fire mage that kicked ass in the fields and battlegrounds. There were other versions of her later but the first one was unique, bold and fierce.  She had long white shinny hair. I kept the name everywhere else, since my WOW community followed me in other places. There is also something in how I created her that inspired me – mostly her warrior-like nature.

I discovered a new side of myself. We could say that the anonymity of it all might have helped. Of course, it helped. We all know that we are fully expressed when we can hide behind a character in video games, that’s not new. The choice of the character also had something to do with it. I didn’t choose to play a healer or a rogue. There was something about being able to cast spells and create magic that I was drawn to. Also, even though people said Ice Mage were more powerful, I preferred FIRE.

Through the years, I identified a lot with that part of me that is all fire, bold and strong. The part of me that can be straightforward, clear and direct with love and compassion expressed fully. I always thought that if I was straight with people, I could damage the relationship. I forgot that I could say things in such a way that everything is clear AND the other person also gets my commitment in the relationship.

Then love is expressed fully without any barriers and it’s like ambrosia for your soul.

I love life, people, animals. I read. A lot. I write. A lot.

I love.

Welcome in my lair. With great respect and love! A.