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I have been to many places searching for myself. But the greatest journey of all is the one I started within myself. There lies the most beautiful light, music and colours one can expect.

Welcome within, with great respect and love! A.

Just what’s going on

I thought a lot about doing a post over here about what’s going on with me. I didn’t feel the impulse to write and I didn’t just want to write two lines and sign off for weeks. So we found a tumor in my right breast and they removed it on April 18th. Actually, they removed…

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When it’s time, it’s time

I am the kind of person that needs to have everything handled before I move. I’m getting ready to be ready. To the point that when I’m finally ready, I’m too exhausted with stress that I don’t really enjoy the thing I got ready for. I tried something different this time. I announced the release…

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The Fire Within

I don’t think I ever talked to you about this course I’m taking. It’s a ten month-long course, with 5 intensive weekends and practice work in between weekends. It’s called the Wisdom Unlimited Course and it is fabulous. It’s my second time in the course — I did it in 2008 and created amazing results…

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Waking up

I won’t be too long on the “in the last two years I just slept”. Only to establish context. So in the past two years I couldn’t even picture being where I am today. I am rediscovering the depth of my own heart, the bubbly nature of my mind and the light of my soul.…

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Back to first loves

Growing up I had many interests, but writing and drawing were the most fulfilling. In my twenties, having to raise my kids, work and stuff, I chose to keep up with the writing. Drawing was lost but never forgotten. For about 20 years I kept buying brushes, canvas, pencils, pens and paint, thinking that I…

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Going for the Gold

Yes it’s the time of the Summer Olympics. I always waited with much excitement to participate with my cheers and love, supporting the favorites and discovering favorites in many sports. What gets me so excited is the determination, commitment that athletes show, day in and day out, to achieve their goals. This can be applied to…

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