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Spiritual Yearning

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:
Be filled with spiritual yearning until only this quest quenches the desire to be one with the Lord. Be ever ablaze filled with the light knowing nothing in this life is lasting for surely death claims all with pride and jealousy hurrying us to the bitter end. Let your days be sweet your nights filled with prayer for he who is filled with love…

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Lots of things going on NOW. I created for myself a future of creativity and abundance. I am overwhelmed by all the love, all the projects, all the possibilities. In my past there was solitude and fear. Now I embrace a self-created future! With great respect and love! A. PS : I’ll tell you everything the moment I can create a few hours in a row of sitting behind my […]

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The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham

We continue on our journey of Write a short story with me 100 words at a time The 5th piece in The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham is now up (since monday I know, but I’m busy ‘being present‘ elsewhere :P) It was written by Rob Akers. You can find him at his blog here. I don’t know what will happen until my turn, but my mind is getting busy worrying and my […]

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