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Going for the Gold

Yes it’s the time of the Summer Olympics. I always waited with much excitement to participate with my cheers and love, supporting the favorites and discovering favorites in many sports.¬†What gets me so excited is the determination, commitment that athletes show, day in and day out, to achieve their goals. This can be applied to…

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J – Bringing JOY to writing

A few days ago, I heard someone talk about needing pain to create.¬†I thought that was an old conversation. That we didn’t say that anymore. I listened further and again, the whole point was about suffering to help you touch¬†the deep core of your being, that place where true feelings arise. Really? What about the…

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The hidden bridge

  On the edge of the cliff Legs shaking My mind empty Taking in the loneliness Of the vast land Beneath me One step forward And forgetfulness Will be my only desire One step closer The shadow of the night Will lurk behind I stay still On the edge of the cliff Gazing inward Where…

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All or nothing

Playing with colours Pale and dark Shades of light Rainbow of hearts Hiding behind rumours Smiles and sparks A minute there A minute gone Dancing between laughter And despair For what will never be For what is already there As nothing matters If I don’t get it all Ambrozya Napowrimo 2016 Day 1

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